Confessions of A Mommy of 5

Day 29: Where I have traveled to.

I have been to Puerto Rico AND Jamaica!

This is Puerto Rico…

I have been to Pureto Rico twice, in 2004 and 2006. I miss it I haven’t been back in a long while and I can’t wait to go back sometime soon. My husband is Puerto Rican so his family usually goes every year, I love his family and the culture last time I went I got to see more of the island we stayed in the cabins and we were right on the beach it was so beautiful! We went to El Murro (Which is above) it’s where they faught the Spainards to win the island, I have been all over even San Juan I love it there its totally my second home! :)

…and this beautiful island here is Jamaica man! I LOVE this resort. This is the Beaches Boscobel resort in Ocho Rios, Jamaica.  This is the biggest Beaches resort totally family friendly and they have something for everyone they have 2 pools, the ocean and they now have a water park (they we’re building it when I was there in 2007), 5 restaurants, a lounge, X-Box game center, and all the amenities of home. I love that everything was included we opted to go here on my honeymoon because I knew we would have no one to watch our son and I thought why not!? I was lucky enough to have been able to go here it is pretty pricey but totally worth it with everything included. You have trans portion to and from the airport, and ALL food and drinks (even alcohol is included) I figured this was the best price I paid for 5 people under 5,000 for our room AND air fare. That reasonably priced compared to paying for your room for each night and NOT including how expensive plan tickets are anymore.I plan on going back soon once I start my new job I’m gonna save some money and put it towards a vacation fund hopefully by the time I have enough funds Jordan should be atleast 1 or 2.


Hey guys my new website is up and running! You can now visit me at Confessions Of A Mommy Of all together though. I’m going to try and direct you from here to there but I’m still trying to figure it out.

Day 28: What I am looking forward to.

I am looking forward to starting my job soon and getting to work! I am also looking forward to getting back into school and working towards my nursing degree.

Getting my own place, hopefully soon where I can live on my own and I don’t have to hear my mom every 5 seconds!


You heard it new site is coming soon! I am officially a website owner! I bought a domain and now I’m going to be hosted so you will soon see a new site or atleast this site transferred over! I am very excited about this I have built websites before but I never had my own domain, this is a learning experience so bear with me with the transfer (or the build) I probably won’t be on much tomorrow as I am doing to get a root canal (owww!) :( So wish me luck and pray than I come out alright, the issue is resolved and I am pain free! Bookmark the new site for future reference by clicking here.

**Update: IT IS WORKING!!! YAY!!!! Head over to here to enter the giveaway if there’s any problems let me know.**

Hey guys I am hosting my very own giveaway! I have up for grabs is a Target Beauty Bag! Nothing fancy but it is a first giveaway! All items are sample size but this is great for travel or heading to the beach!

This includes:

Gariner Frutis Shampoo and Conditioner

Tressme Shampoo and Conditoner

Aveeno lotion

Neutrogena sun screen

Revlon lip gloss

Cute bag

Target coupons valued at $25!

Day 25: Favorite Blogs:

I can’t even list my favorite blogs because I love them all equally I love my couponing blogs and my mommy blogs.



Day 26: Old picture of me





Day 27:  Favorite Recipe

I don’t really have a favorite recipe nothing unusal or interesting just the normal stuff.



Favorite children’s book I have a lot of favorites I can’t quite pick one but I have 8 books that I remember fondly.


Happy Birthday Moon by Frank Asch

I was “over the moon” about this book my mom just have read it to me a 100 times!


Bear and Mrs. Duck by Elizabeth Winthrop

I loved this book it had the best pictures; pretty and colorful.

Underwear by Mary Elise Monsell

Cute funny book about underwear. Who knew there was so many kinds of underwear!?



The Puppy Who Wanted A Boy by Jane Thayer

I loved this book too read it a dozen of times. Who doesn’t like puppies!?


Corduroy by Don Freeman

Who doesn’t love Corduroy!? It’s a classic!


Two Good Friends by Judy Delton

I loved this book too, a lesson learned who your REAL friends are later in life



Sleep Tight

Who loved Elmo I do!!! He’s like only the best Sesame Street character plus I got to meet him in Jamaica! :)



There’s a monster at the end of this book

This book still makes me “scared” to read to the end of the book! LOL!!!



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